Saturday, August 25, 2007

Senate Bill 1873

So, I just read about U.S. Senate Bill 1873 that allows the U.S. govt. to vaccinate all people with untested vaccines. S. 1873 also protects vaccine makers from any kind of legal liability for any health effects or death due to the administration of the untested vaccines. Once again, the Bush administration shows its true allegiance and agenda (i.e., make a lot of money for our corporate friends AND protect them from any law suits). Please start your own research by reading the following two articles.

Also, this week famed filmmaker and U.S. patriot Aaron Russo passed away. Please, view his most recent film "America: Freedom to Fascism" by clicking below.

Please don't give up the rights guaranteed to each of us by the U.S. Constitution. Know and protect your rights (the Bill of Rights) or you can go here to the US dept of State's website ( Always remember, the many patriots who have fought and died to defend the Constitution.

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Ro Ro Radio said...

Both of those events are quite devastating. If anything, the passing of of Aaron Russo should inspire us to be active in OUR government .. and take back control. RIP A.R.